IT User documentation matters.

Up to date documentation simplifies the working lives of every person across an organization. It enables them to be more effective and less stressed when interacting with the software they use to do their jobs.

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The ultra fast way to write and maintain accurate, standardized, usable documentation.

Ultra Fast

We combine the simplicity of a drawing tool with a powerful, automatic formatting and layout system to provide standardized IT procedure documents in a fraction of the time.

Designed for IT people

Created for time poor IT experts, the application is all about speed of knowledge capture in a logical, repeatable, formatted manner.

Used by the business

WalkThru is equally at home with Subject Matter Experts with a procedural story to tell.

Customer Success
High Praise

“With WalkThru I can create help guides in 90% less time than it would normally take. I know of no other tool that allows you to publish in so many formats.”

Rob Wilkins, NSW Education

Product Features

  • Create user manuals, work instructions, training guides, SOPs, QRGs
  • Integrated with ServiceNow and Confluence
  • Easily maintain documents over time
  • Convert your WalkThru into Word, PowerPoint, HTML and eLearning
  • Standardize your IT user documentation
  • Productive in 30 minutes

Up to date IT user documentation provides extraordinary benefits to organizations.

End Users

Clear instructions, less frustration, more productive, happier users.

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Help Desk

More efficient users, reduced helpdesk calls.

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Increase software utilization, improve IT user satisfaction.

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Enterprise Ready

Corporate Integrations

Create your knowledge assets in WalkThru and manage and share them in ServiceNow, Confluence and Sharepoint.