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About WalkThru Software

WalkThru Software helps professionals at all levels work more efficiently.
We do this by creating software that makes knowledge transfer simple and fast.

Founded by Nigel Wilson and now supported by a growing motivated team based in Sydney, WalkThru is the result of Nigel working decades in the software industry experiencing outdated, clunky training tools. He recognised the need for a program that makes sharing your knowledge with colleagues and customers easy, quick and enjoyable.

Nigel Wilson


Nigel Wilson is the managing director of Sydney based Linrock Software. He founded Linrock in 2014 to design and develop “WalkThru”, a software application for rapid knowledge capture and automatic content formatting.

An IT professional for the better part of 3 decades he has worked for large US organisations such as Lotus and Adobe as well as founding three previous businesses in the fields of eLearning, training and software consultancy. He has a broad range of skills and experience including corporate sales, training, support, implementation, solution design, software development and management.

At WalkThru we believe the world is full of bad instructional support materials. We believe it’s like this because the software tools available to author them are fiddly and time consuming.

We want to reduce the stress related to the creation and usage of instructional support materials and enable you to produce assets designed for the highest cognitive acceptance and we want them to look amazing.

The less time you spend creating instructional documents, the more time you have to do your job. WalkThru Software makes you more efficient by making the everyday task of producing instructional content super fast. From producing user manuals to quick reference guides, eLearning and process documents, WalkThru makes you more productive.

You don’t need special technical knowledge to use WalkThru, so people from receptionists to change managers, IT support managers, operations people and business leaders can use it to help others learn more quickly.

Now and into the future, WalkThru promises you extraordinary efficiencies achieved extremely quickly.

Download a free trial today!

 See for yourself how effortless is it to produce professional documents with WalkThru.  We know you won’t be disappointed, see why so many organisations are making the move.