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Befuddled by faulty Documentation? You’re not alone!

Access to solid, accurate, up-to-the-minute instructions is a vital component to the successful adoption and implementation of any task, project, or product. Your projects and processes live or die on how well your staff and/or clients comprehend your documentation.  Technology itself is useless unless your documentation supplies the end-user with a set of guidelines which [...]

The 3 C’s of Process Documentation (Consistency, Compliance, Completeness) And Why You Should Care

If there's one thing worse than no documentation, it's documentation that is inconsistent, inaccurate or incomplete. Yet 90% of the time when you're looking for guidance to solve a software issue or comply with an organisational procedure, that's what you end up with. Frequently written off as merely inconvenient, low quality documentation is in fact [...]

Think Your Project is Agile? (How Your Documentation Tools Could be Hurting Your Project and Slowing it Down)

Agile principles don’t offer much in the way of guidelines for the creation of project documentation. Best practice methodologies have arisen and evolved alongside everything else but even today – in agile and non-agile projects alike – documentation creation is still commonly occuring in a phase of its own at the end of the project. […]

How creating instructional documents benefit your business

Reasons to publish your own procedural materials Creating your own instructional materials brings immense value to your business. From productivity to time gains, reduced stress and greater accuracy, the benefits are clear across the board. Producing knowledge-sharing materials that benefit everyone in your organisation is easier than you think. Work smarter, get more done It’s [...]

Share business knowledge and instructions quickly and easily

Business knowledge transfer made simple Information travels at the speed of light. Literally. Almost as fast as it travels, it can become outdated. For businesses that rely on up-to-the-minute processes to operate efficiently, knowledge transfer is a challenge. But now, new software from WalkThru Software enables us to quickly and easily share business knowledge like [...]

How to Create Instructional Materials Quickly

Produce procedural content in half the time If manually putting together instructional processes is your bugbear at work, you’re not alone. For years, thousands of change managers, IT support staff and trainers, instructional designers and executive assistants have struggled with it. There’s an easier way than the teeth-grittingly tedious process of taking screenshots, copy and [...]