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Save time, do more and share faster with WalkThru.

The less time you spend creating instructional documents, the more time you have to do your job. WalkThru Software makes you more efficient by making the everyday task of producing instructional content super fast. From producing user manuals to quick reference guides, eLearning and process documents, WalkThru makes you more productive.

A Toolbox that is Easy to Learn and Simple to Use.

WalkThru’s tools are intuitive. Easy to learn and simple to use, they provide a complete solution you’ll benefit from well into the future. Simply screenshot a frame, drop, drag and draw to create step-by-step processes that make learning easy. If you need to update a screenshot, insert the new image and WalkThru automatically renumbers the series.

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One Document, Multiple Formats.

WalkThru enhances your capabilities with smart solutions to help share your work quickly across multiple platforms. Create one document once with WalkThru and instantly export it into HTML, Word, PowerPoint and eLearning formats. WalkThru enables quicker dissemination of knowledge so everyone in your organisation can work smarter.

Counters with Automatic Re-numbering.

WalkThru Software has automatic numbering which means as you add steps using the drawing tools, it automatically adds counters for each step. And the counters not only count – but they recount as you add more and reorder them. Save frustration on fiddly drawing and more time capturing the procedure.

Download a free trial today!

 See for yourself how effortless is it to produce professional documents with WalkThru.  We know you won’t be disappointed, see why so many organisations are making the move.