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5 Concepts to hit the ground running with WalkThru

Friday 18th May 10:30am (Sydney/Melbourne time)


1. Capturing screenshots – using the WalkThru methodology

2. Marking up Steps and Writing Instructions

3. Re Ordering Steps and Making Updates

4. Publishing in Word, PowerPoint, HTML, eLearning and Outlook from one work effort

5. Titling your work and structuring documents

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WalkThru Demonstration

Friday 25th May 10:30am (Sydney/Melbourne time)


Importing Screenshots & Images – Time saving through Instant screen capture

Adding Markup – How to use the WalkThru smart markup tools

Publishing – See how you can publish your WalkThru file into Word, HTML, Powerpoint and eLearning

Quick Tips – We’ll show you the 5 top tips and tricks in WalkThru that will save you hours

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WalkThru Advanced User Session

Wednesday 6th June 11:30am (Sydney/Melbourne time)


Accessibility – WalkThru now provides tagging of images for HTML and Word outputs.

ServiceNow and Confluence Integrations – Sneak peek of what’s coming soon

Structuring Documents – Adding titles, bodies of text and controlling associated styles in the outputs

Colours, fonts, styles – See how to set defaults and share style sets

Repurposing – Extracting variations or Quick Guides from a single WalkThru File

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