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WalkThru Demonstration

Wednesday 28th March 11:30am (Sydney/Melbourne time)


Importing Screenshots & Images – Time saving through Instant screen capture

Adding Markup – How to use the WalkThru smart markup tools

Publishing – See how you can publish your WalkThru file into Word, HTML, Powerpoint and eLearning

Quick Tips – We’ll show you the 5 top tips and tricks in WalkThru that will save you hours

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WalkThru Advanced User Session

Friday 6th April 11:30am (Sydney/Melbourne time)


Accessibility – WalkThru now provides tagging of images for HTML and Word outputs.

ServiceNow and Confluence Integrations – Sneak peek of what’s coming soon

Structuring Documents – Adding titles, bodies of text and controlling associated styles in the outputs

Colours, fonts, styles – See how to set defaults and share style sets

Repurposing – Extracting variations or Quick Guides from a single WalkThru File

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